Since the majority of my photos are made with 35mm cameras, the shape of the images will not fill out the print sizes listed below from edge to edge. The non-image area becomes a white border and the image is called a photo with uneven borders. See image above for the look of the finished print.

  • 8″x10″ print order will come as a 6″x9″ image area
  • 11″x14″ print order will come as a 9″x13″ image area
  • 16″X20″ print order will come as a 13″x19″ image size
  • 20″x24″ print order will come as a 14″x21″ image size
  • 20×30″ print WILL fill the 20″x30″ paper, it is proportional to the 2:3 aspect ratio of the 35mm frame

IMPORTANT: If you order a print, do NOT pre-cut your mat or frame as the image sizes could vary from 1/4″-1/2″.

All the prints are in a limited, numbered editions of 250 and signed by me. The print sizes shown here DO NOT include mats or frames. These items can be provided at an additional charge, please contact me for more information. Shipping fees will be shown during checkout.

  • 8″x10″ – $10.00
  • 11″x14″ – $25.00
  • 16″x20″ – $50.00
  • 20″x24″ – $100.00
  • 20″x30″ – $150.00
  • 24″x30″- $175.00
  • 30″x40″-$250.00

For prints larger than 30″x40″ please contact me for a quote