Born in central France to a French mother and American Air Force serviceman, I’ve  lived in various parts of the world and U.S.A. My artistic influence comes from my father’s side of the family. My father was a writer and my paternal grandfather was a painter/musician as well as was my paternal grandmother. My mother’s French side provides the fiery passion the southern Europeans are known for. They also got all the doctors and dentists on that side who have no artistic leanings, but they’re good people anyways!

I came to photography at a relatively late age studying at the Art Institute of Atlanta and graduating in 1979. That was when I made my first photographic European walkabout. I was asked to come back to the Art Institute and managed the school photo lab for 5 years. Leaving the Art Institute, I made another European sojourn walking around Europe from first light to final darkness. That continued to be my way of life for many years – always working in the photo industry, saving my pennies and jaunting off to the streets of Europe until my money disappeared, then returning to the U.S. to work so I could return to Europe to take pictures.

I do not travel to Europe anymore, but now make my images inside a 5 state area adjoining my adopted home state of Georgia and my photographs have been widely exhibited across the United States. I was previously represented by Fay Gold Gallery and Jane Jackson Gallery, both in Atlanta, but currently represent myself and sell my work around the United States at art festivals/shows. My work is in the permanent collections of Coca-Cola, IBM, Caterpillar, Kaiser-Permanente, Contel Corporation, Nynex, Mckinsey Corporation, University of Georgia, Dekalb Community College, Cobb County Board of Education, Gainesville College, PhotoGraphia Gallery, Lamar Dodd Art Center and numerous private collections.

I have  never done any commercial work and am reluctant to let photography become a “job” that I foreseeably could come to dislike. Instead, I’ve kept my focus (intended) on my personal work. I hope you will feel the images as deeply as I do.