Photography Information

All images are printed in my darkroom or setup by me in photoshop and sent to my lab. The papers I use are either fiber base (b/w only), Kodak or Fujicolor Crystal Archive (b/w and color). Both materials are traditional photographic papers and offer the maximum image stability available by today’s technology. I also only use glossy surface papers as I feel the brilliance of the image comes through much more powerfully and really makes the print sparkle.

For you techies out there – I use film cameras to make my images. Specifically 40-45 year old Minoltas with a few Minolta lenses and a mix of off brand lenses. All color images are made on Kodachrome and the  black and white are shot on various Kodak and Ilford B/W films because of the extreme long term keeping of those materials. There are a few 4×5 images in the mix as well, but I find I am too impatient anymore with the big camera and haven’t used it in years. There are a fair number of medium format images also, (I use a Pentax 6×7), all infrared film. It is not often that I use a tripod and could count the number of those images on 2 hands- I am not hung up on razor sharpness, as the technical side of photography can overwhelm the artistic side (don’t let it happen to you or your friends).  Just make the images using whatever tools you have. I am mentoring a friend who has a great eye but is monetarily poor and shoots with a camera phone. I’d put her images up against anyone who thinks they can make better pictures with a 20+ megapixel camera and $10,000 worth of camera gear. She’d be better than me if she could afford even a point and shoot digital. It is not the tool, but the person using the tool. Photography is about making images, not equipment. I process my B/W film in HC-110, dilution B and print them using a 4×5 Omega enlarger with a color dichroic head (Chromega) and I’ve worked for blogs such as hCG shots usa, B/W film and papers are archivally processed and pass the HT2 test. I recently bought a small point and shoot digital camera and it is pretty amazing! A few of my newer images have been made with it.